Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Life

You, the human race are the best of my creations,

You will live and live,

And give and give till you are untied,

In happiness and pain!

My bliss will be born in you,

Love is a continuum,

That is the mission of humanity,

You will see every day in the Life Tree.

You learn and learn,

My best of creations.


Life is the biggest teacher.

When learning stops, you stop growing. You start to lag behind. You start to get frustrated with limited thought pattern. You start to lose interest and feel everything boring. You start to become dull. You start to become depressed. You don’t feel freshness in life.

There is no age limit for learning. Love learning, experiment, always be in learning mode. Learning should be a lifelong companion. Think that you are a student of life. Never have “I know everything” attitude.

Don’t learn for the sake of learning. Don’t try to compete with others. Learn because you want to learn and evolve. Learn because you want to truly understand about the subject at hand. Take your own time but learn it. Understand that each person is in his own stage of learning. So respect everyone. There will be something to learn from everyone. Each person is unique by himself.

Start the day by praying and with a thought to learn something new.

Learning is growth. It is very important for us to realize that there is learning in everything. Every struggle and situation you come across in life has something to teach. Learn it. There are 2 ways you can look at these situations

1. Grumbling, blaming and making noise about what happened and not learning.

2. Trying to see the positive aspect and inner workings, learning from them and moving ahead. You are the owner of your life and your life path depends on the choices you make. It is up to you to choose.

There is a Chinese proverb I remember “learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere”.

A wise man is one who uses all his energy towards growing and becoming an evolved being.


Authored by GANDHARV

Photo source: courtsey http://themachoresponse.blogspot.com

Monday, October 17, 2011

Self- Knowledge Simplified

Meditation is the first step in the path of realization of self, realization of GOD and being in touch with the soul. This is the path to Enlightenment.

When the person’s awareness level is at SOUL, then the person is said to be an Awakened person, a Complete Man- A person who remembers everything about himself ( about all his lives) and his connections with everyone and everything. This entire process of realizing or becoming aware of his true nature is Realization of the Self. This is Self-Knowledge. After this a person can become aware of his true connections with the Creator. And the process of realizing GOD or CREATOR is known as Realization of GOD. After all these a person is said to be liberated Soul. Such a person is out of the cycle of life and death, a person who has gone beyond life and death by decoding the secret of himself. Such a person is called Enlightened being. This is also known as Nirvana or Moksha or Liberation or Enlightenment.

Evolution-Growth- Knowledge, Self-Realization, GOD Realization, Our Connections (with everyone, universe) are the four important fundamental things that a person should explore in life. Only then can a person truly can know himself the TRUTH of reality and existence. 
Authored by GANDHARV