Sunday, December 29, 2013


I was watching a program on NDTV where many eminent scientists and Gurus were discussing about GOD’s existence and GOD particle. Some of the physicists were of the opinion that life on this planet has happened by chance. There was nothing before and the big bang or collision happened by chance and this planet and life on it came into existence.

On the other hand I see some people believe in GOD but not doing anything to know about Him. They just pray when they are in difficulty or pray for some earthly gain. Some just pray because they think it is a way of ensuring a ticket to heaven.

There are others who don't have an opinion of their own and blindly believe in what others have to say.

There are people who take this existence for granted and just enjoy life by fulfilling their desires (material or sensual).

And there are very few who are really in search of GOD or have realized that GOD exists and value their existence and use this life in a worthy way (this category has become exceptions which should have been the other way)

What if this existence is not by chance?

What if this existence is a gift given to everyone by GOD? What if we are created by HIM?

Is there a purpose behind everyone's existence?

Is there true meaning behind one's existence?

What is this existence?

What am I?

These questions are very fundamental and to get the answers one has to experience and know for himself.

Some of the most beautifully things in this world can only be experienced. Just imagine if you were to understand love by mathematical equations and derivations or by observations can you understand what love truly is?

Experience is the easiest way to confirm the Truth. When you experience your belief or concepts becomes your reality.

Any amount of reading or intellectual knowledge is superficial; they can only contribute to some understanding. To know the Truth of everything as it is you need to work towards it. Meditation is the path.

Authored by GANDHARV

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


     Each person's path is different. each person's purpose is different. Each person's learning’s are different. All these are meant for his growth and awakening. But one should or will realize that even if there are different paths they all meet or are directed towards the same end point like many rivers merge to form the sea. Yes, there is also a possibility of losing themselves in the journey like sometimes a river fizzles out. Everything depends on one's own deeds.  


Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Sharing a painting that I had done long time back.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Climb UP

Before advising or teaching anyone first try to understand the person's capability to hold and depth of knowledge that he is already aware of.  For eg if you try to teach advance quantum physics to a child in the 1st standard will the child be able to understand?  It's a waste of time for both the child and the teacher. Also the child should progress step by step from 1st standard. He should not stop his growth thinking it's unattainable or very far. A determined mind with focused vision, will, courage, patience and hope and he will succeed.

Authored by GANDHARV

Image Courtesy: Google Images

Saturday, October 5, 2013


One can say he does not believe in soul, GOD etc... He can disbelieve in everything but at the end of the day he atleast has to believe "he exists". And this existence gives the answer to all his questions.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Live - Grow - Evolve

You may stumble and fall, you may lose and fail, but nothing can stop you from climbing up.

Whenever you are facing a particular situation or a problem there can be a series of events that happen to make the situation more difficult or worse, indirectly if perceived clearly, it is also a test to check the capacity of a person to handle a situation under, pressure. This helps a person to learn and grow.

Authored by GANDHARV

Monday, July 22, 2013

Man's own Mind

"It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways."       
                                - Gautam Buddha

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


"The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."       

                                   - Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thoughts Matter

Training ourselves to think good, do good and be good is extremely necessary in the quest for the ultimate Truth.

When you think that ‘each day is a new beginning and in every way I am getting better and moving towards the goal’ you feel directed, when you affirm in this way you are giving strength to your thoughts.

Words have strength. They can guide you to great heights or they can make you fall. Whenever you are talking to yourself you must be extremely careful. You should always speak positive and encouraging words; with each positive word you speak to yourself you get the energy and strength from them and your belief in the words strengthens them further.

Some of the affirmations I use every morning are:
“Each day is a new beginning with new opportunities. Every day I am learning something new. I can do it. I am capable enough to handle any situation that comes across my life. In every way I am getting better and better and keeping one step ahead towards my goal. Life is beautiful.”

Also it is a very good practice to self-introspect whenever you get time. This will help us to recognise our strengths and weakness. Once you identify your weakness, you need to start working on them. Learn all that you can about your weakness try to experiment and improve on your weakness. This learning can be done by any means, you can read about them in books, Google it, you may take help from your elders who would have faced similar difficulties and understand how they came overcame it, etc. The key thing here is to identify and work on your weakness to make it your strength.


When you surround yourself with positive thoughts and words, your actions would be directed towards goodness.

Authored by GANDHARV

Friday, April 26, 2013


In life goals are very important. It may be life time goals or short term goals. Without goals there is no direction in life. It can be compared to a ship in a vast ocean. A ship without a compass is lost in the vastness of the sea. Goals are like compass. They give direction and help us to reach the desired destination. Before deciding on any goals it is important for us to understand ourself. Because understanding ourself will give more meaning and value to the goals that we decide and will help to eliminate the ones that we don’t really desire.

You can do this by asking these questions and listing out all that comes in your mind for each question.

1. What are your desires?
2. What gives you happiness?
3. What is it that you like to do?
4. What are the talents that you think you have?

Pondering on these questions will help you to decide on your goals. 

Authored by GANDHARV

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sci-Spi Age

Somewhere down the line in the long journey of life, the spiritual essence that was discovered early in time by great sages and rishis in India has been forgotten. Time has come a full circle and now is the right time for humanity to know what they have forgotten. I call this time interval as Sci-Spi age when time takes the world into a new step in its evolution.

Why Sci -Spi ?

Sci stands for science and Spi stands for spirit. We are in an age where we have reached the height of technological development but we have forgotten our spiritual essence.  Because of this there is a great imbalance, which in turn has created a major imbalance in Good and Evil as a whole. And Evil has the upper hand now.

This is the time to awaken to the Truth of yourself. This is the time to know who you are!  And what you have forgotten. This is the path that can save humanity. The path of spirituality will bring a change in each person from within and move him towards goodness.

Have you ever wondered how civilizations have been wiped out in the history of the world? Just imagine what disaster a single nuclear bomb can cause.

There is peace in silence. There are two types of silence. The silence caused after mass destruction and the other silence is that which can take a human being to the depth of his Self to make him realize the beauty of his existence.
Choose wisely!

My humble request to all the people who read this article is to think seriously and join together in unity to make this world a better place to live in. 

Authored by GANDHARV

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Will Power

That one thing necessary to make impossible possible is a strong focused will. If life takes away everything from you, if you lose everything in your life also no one can stop you from your destination and cannot take away your will power. But this will power depends on one’s own self.

Authored by GANDHARV

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Only when you really attempt to do something will you come to know your ability. Even though you may be in doubt initially before starting a task, when you complete the task you emerge successful and stronger. You feel happy and satisfied. Even if you fail do not be disappointed because you can learn from your mistakes. This will add up to your experience. If you don't attempt you won't come to know what you are capable of. Think which is better :)

Authored by GANDHARV